About Lydia

   Hi, I'm Lydia

   About me, huh?

Well, I'm best known for writing books that hurt my head. You can find me over on Wattpad and Radish Fiction doing the writing thing. 
There's this thing called parenting, and I have no idea what it is, but I do it.
The other day I started talking to myself, so I figured I better start blogging again. 
Keeps me sane, you know?
I have a four-year-old son and another due in August.
I like taking lots of pictures and sharing them with strangers. 
Below are other places you can find me if you fancy being nosy. ;) 

I also have a Facebook Group. Come join in the for the giggles. Everyone is welcome! 


I'm shy, but here's my Snapchat: Lydia16125

 I hope you enjoy my blog!
The idea is to basically document my journey trying to make it as an author, while also doing this mommy thing. :D 


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  1. hi you share about your baby Aiden. Also u share about his Autism. where do i live its not take in positive way.. mother once support but fathers more show dislike about it. How's his father taking it. Sorry if its personal. just wanted to know how u both handling it.