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Lydia Parents: The New Addition

This is a super late post, (2 months actually) but better to be late than never.
So, yeah, I had my baby!
Let’s just say it was super dramatic, just like the time when I found out I was pregnant. A total shocker. At the time it was terrifying, but looking back, it was brilliant and I wouldn't change it.
So, I’d just turned 38 weeks and was due a regular hospital check-up. I sat down in the horrendously busy waiting area. The wait was so long I was glad I’d brought some biscuits to munch on.
It was kind of funny, actually. Every appointment I had in the hospital I would see other pregnant women I recognised from previous times. It was like we'd all gone on this journey together and those I thought would have well had their babies where sitting along with me, looking worse than I was at this stage. 
While I thought it was their time, it was actually mine.
An hour and ten minutes later I was finally seen by a midwife. She told me my iron was low—again. Nothing new there. The week prev…

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